Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds?

Can dogs eat poppy seeds? Are poppy seeds toxic for your dog, or can you give poppy seeds cake or muffin to your dog?

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Poppy seeds are tiny in size but mighty in power, being more than just a topping on your breakfast. They are widely used in baked goodies all around the world and are quite popular among the masses for the punch of power that they offer. If you are wondering if your dog can eat poppy seeds, keep reading as we explain it in detail.

Can dogs have poppy seeds?

Poppy seeds are small-sized, black-colored seeds derived from the poppy plant, and have gained immense success as a source of opium for pain relief and other ailments. We add them to food in small quantities, to add texture, flavor, crunch, and a little ‘oomph’ to normal, regular food.

You should be very careful giving anything that contains poppy seeds to your dogs. They are not only dangerous, but can also be easily toxic for your dogs. This of course depends on the quantity as we will explain further down below.

We, humans, can eat poppy seeds in a number of ways, and we can find them in many different products. That’s why we’re going to talk if your dog can have some poppy seed muffins crackers, bread, and cake. We’re going to further explain why you should be extremely careful. Any significant amount of poppy seed can be toxic for your dog, or especially a smaller-sized dog or a puppy.

Poppy seed muffins for dogs?

Poppy seed muffins are majorly made up of flour, sugar, poppy seeds, baking powder, and salt. A small quantity of such muffins is not expected to cause harm to your dog’s health, hence you should not be afraid if your dog accidentally eats a small amount. As for giving your dog a poppy seed muffin… please think twice. It’s always better not to feed anything that contains poppy seed to your dog. If your dog or puppy accidentally eats some poppy seed muffins, then it’s better to consult with a veterinarian.

Can dogs have poppy seed bread?

If poppy seeds are only sprinkled on the top of the bread, it’s probably safe to feed it to your dog in a small quantity. However, you should probably remove the top of the bread when feeding your dog. A very small amount of poppy seed may not be poisonous to your dog, but it may make them seed sick since they can have an upset stomach afterward. If the bread has poppy seeds mixed into it, then it is recommended to keep the bread away, at an unreachable place from your dog.

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Poppy seed crackers for dogs?

When it comes to poppy seed crackers, feeding one shouldn’t any significant difference in your dog’s health. However, giving your dog more poppy seed crackers might pose a problem. Poppy seeds contain small amounts of opium and are toxic for dogs. Altogether, an entire box of poppy seed crackers contains enough opium that can affect your dog’s brain and nervous system. So if your dog accidentally ate a whole box of poppy seed crackers, it’s best to immediately bring him/her to a veterinarian clinic for a check-up.

Can dogs eat poppy seed cake?

As for anything else containing poppy seed, giving a poppy seed cake to your dog is not recommended. Since we do not have a ‘safe’ limit of feeding poppy seeds to your dog, it is always better to not feed them any. Regardless of the amount, it’s smart to stay on the safer side and avoid any mishaps.

Are poppy seeds toxic for your dog?

When it comes to feeding anything to your dog, your first priority is always to make sure that the thing is not toxic.

If you are ever thinking about feeding poppy seeds, poppy seed oil, or anything made up of poppy seeds to your dog, this article will let you know of all the effects it can have on your dog. As a rule of thumb, poppy seeds are extremely toxic for your dog. There are no second thoughts about this.

Although your dog has to consume a larger amount of poppy seeds for them to be toxic, it is always better to stay on a safer side and make sure to feed them none. After all, there is a famous saying that goes like ‘better safe than sorry’. When it comes to our dogs’ health, we all know that none of us is ready to take any risks!

Why are poppy seeds toxic for your dog?

Poppy seeds are known to contain tiny quantities of opiates (a drug derived from opium). Because of the small quantity, they are not toxic if consumed in moderation. However, it is advised to not feed them at all to your dog.

Each poppy seed has a varying degree of opium in it, so you can never be too sure of your dog’s health after consuming them. The greater the quantity of opium in the poppy seeds, the greater are the chances of it attacking your dog’s nervous system.

Apart from opium, poppy seeds also contain some part of alkaloids, which are harmful to your dog’s brain functioning. So, overall, poppy seeds affect not only the nervous system of your dog but also their brain.

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How to tell if your dog has consumed poppy seeds?

When a dog consumes a certain quantity of poppy seeds, it begins to show symptoms of overdose. Some of those symptoms are easy to distinguish from their daily routine, while others are a lot like their normal activities. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on your dog’s activity to analyze whether they have overdosed on poppy or not.

Some of the common symptoms of poppy overdose in dogs are:

  • Limited coordination while walking, leading to a ‘drunk’ walk
  • Trouble in breathing and slow heart rate
  • Zoning out, hence your dog might not even recognize you
  • Spontaneous increase in hyperactive moments for no reason at all
  • Refusal to eat or drink anything
  • Repeated occurrence of seizures

What should you do if your dog eats poppy seeds?

As soon as you realize that your dog has consumed poppy seeds, the first thing to do is to move the poppy source away from your dog. If they are eating any poppy-based product, take it away from your dog, and then analyze the quantity consumed. Also, don’t forget to move it to a higher place where your dog can not reach on its own.

Once you are done with this, the next step is to seek medical assistance. Call your vet and let them know of the situation, informing them of the poppy consumption along with its quantity. Ask them for any first aid tips and then act upon them as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, only some types of poppy seeds may be safe for your dogs but only in a very small quantity. So your dog should eat poppy seed only if it’s an accident. Since there is no ‘safe limit of poppy seeds, we would always recommend not to feed them any, only to be on the safe side and protect your dogs health.

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