Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Can Dogs Eat Grapes
Are grapes bad for dogs? Can dogs eat grapes? Continue reading and find out how many grapes and raisins can be toxic for dogs and puppies.

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Dogs are a favorite pet to many homeowners. Their friendly and low maintenance nature makes them a perfect companion in a home. However, taking care of a canine is a great responsibility. You will need to watch what they eat, where they sleep, take them for vaccine shots, and groom them as often as needed. Even though a dog may eat various people’s food, not all foods are safe for your puppy. Grapes, raisins, sultanas, currants, and other grape varieties are highly toxic to any dog. Irrespective of their weight, breed, young, or old, a single grape may send your dog to the emergency room in an instant!

So can dogs have grapes?

It is a definite NO. Dogs can’t have grapes! Even though you might delve into choosing from the wide variety of grapes, they are among the top prohibited people foods by the ASPCA (Animal Poison Control Centre). Whether seedless or not, green or red, you should avoid any grape to a canine. 

Research and studies reveal that toxicity in dogs may cause severe kidney damage. To an extreme, the toxicity may progress to kidney failure and can be fatal almost instantly. Even though the toxin responsible for this severity is not yet identified, it can easily be linked to a dog’s sensitive stomach. As a result, your dog may be unable to metabolize the flavonoids and tannins in a grape. 

Should you be worried if a dog eats a single grape?

Yes, depending on the toxicity, you should be worried and should call your vet for advice. Some of the most common signs to look out for include:

  • Lethargy
  • Excessive dehydration
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and sometimes diarrhea
  • Irritability 
  • Weakness, etc 

Even though the toxicity may vary from one dog to another, it is essential to watch over it during this time. Sometimes your puppy may have sneaked one or two grapes from your bowl. Regardless, they are excessively bad for any dog.  

Grapes for Dogs - Toxic

Can puppies eat grapes?

A puppy is a small dog. So, the consequences could be more severe in a puppy than in a senior dog. As mentioned earlier that the toxicity is not dependent on the dog breed, weight, or age. A muscular American Bulldog may have lesser effects as compared to a Mini Poodle or a Chihuahua.

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So, a puppy cannot eat grapes. Even though a grape can be small and easy for a puppy to nug, it may put the pup in great danger. Besides, you should also avoid placing your juice, jams, or other grape products where they can reach it easily. 

However, the effects may vary with your pup’s health record, age, size, and perhaps the number of grapes eaten. If you notice that your small puppy has eaten one or two, it might be necessary to call your vet. 

Why do some dogs still eat grapes?

Almost in a similar way that you may eat some foods without any adverse reaction and another person is sensitive to the same foods, it is the case with dogs. Some dogs may eat one or two grapes without any signs or symptoms of illness. However, you should be worried because adverse effects kick in within 24 to 48 hours. At this time, you probably have forgotten that the dog had them. 

Before you have a situation and need to rush to the ER, put grapes away from your canine. Besides, there is a wide range of unsafe foods for dogs, which you should also be careful about. 

Can dogs eat raisins?

Like any other grape variety, whether imported or homegrown, raisins are equally toxic to a dog. Simply put, raisins are dehydrated or dried grapes. Even worse, raisins are known to have gastrointestinal irritability, which could lead to excessive vomiting. Even though the severity may depend on your dog’s weight, a few grams may be life-threatening for your canine.

According to toxicological results from dogs after eating raisins indicate that mycotoxin may cause metabolic imbalance. The toxins, mold, or fungus are poisonous and a critical disorder in any dog. 

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How to treat a dog after eating grapes or raisins?

While it might take a long while before signs and symptoms kick-in, urgent veterinarian assistance could save your dog. He/she may be confined at the vet center for days until the symptoms die away. In extreme cases, it might be necessary to carry out renal dialysis to flush out toxins. This would help restore the kidneys and reduce the chances of fatality from kidney failure. 

What can I do if my dog eats grapes?

One of the best things to do after your dog or puppy has eaten grapes is to call your vet. You may need to tell him/her how many grapes the puppy had or the signs and symptoms it is showing. With all the information, they can administer the right medication to reduce irritability.

If you are not near a veterinarian, you may induce vomiting. A teaspoonful of Hydrogen Peroxide may help your dog vomit within 10-15 minutes. If no results are evident, you may need to call for immediate help. 

One of the best things you can do to protect your dog is advising everyone at home on the severity of grapes to your puppy. You should let visitors know of the impending danger if your doggo eats raisins, grapes, or other grape products. This simple rule may save you and your dog from rushing to the Emergency Room. 


While a dog may eat almost anything from your plate, grapes may cause more harm than good. The canine may stay at the hospital and sometimes have Intravenous therapy to kickstart the kidneys and remove toxins. Despite the high nutrition value in humans, you may need to substitute it with another fruit for your dog. A perfect choice is apple slices, which have almost equal vitamins and nutrients as a grape. If your dog is susceptible to new foods or has a sensitive stomach, always consult with your vet before it is an emergency. 

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